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Terms of Service

Use of the Pegasus Press web site and services is governed by the following terms of service:

User accounts

You can browse this site without having to register a user account but you will need to have one before you can purchase a product or receive special offers.

Ordinary and special user account holders can leave comments, respond to comments, take part in forums and discussion groups, and receive special discounts and offers where these are available.

You must keep your user account in good order, including prompt payment for purchased goods or services; keeping your account information accurate and up-to-date; and behaving respectfully towards our staff and other users during all your use of the site.

Creator accounts

You can publish any of your works with us if your user account is in good order and you own the rights to the work. (See Our Offer To You and the following pages for more information about publishing with us.)

Start this process by making a proposal to us that describes your work, including the digital format it is in and whether it is finished or still in progress. For your convenience, you can fill in and submit our publishing proposal form, or save it to your computer and print, fill it in by hand, and mail it to us.

If we agree to your proposal we will send you a Publishing Agreement, which you must sign and return to us.

Upon receipt of a signed Publishing Agreement we will upgrade you to a Creator account, which will give you more privileges on the site. These will enable you to work with us to produce and publish your work.

Creators will have an upgraded profile page on which you can upload a suitable portrait picture of yourself; post a not too-extensive biography; and include links to your email address and web site.

Creators then will have a landing page on the site with your picture and biography together with a linked listing of all your works published with us. You can use this page to promote your works on the Internet.

Business and non-profit accounts

Businesses and non-profit organisations can set up a non-personal account in the name of their business or organisation provided only one account is set up and a contact person is designated to represent the business or non-profit organisation in all matters.

A businesses and non-profit organisation can publish with us provided it owns the rights to the works; has a non-personal account in good order; and has signed a Publishing Agreement with us.

Businesses and non-profit accounts with a signed Publishing Agreement will be treated as a Creator account. Those without a Publishing Agreement will have only the same privileges as a User account.

Save from Indemnification

All registered users of this site agree to save harmless from indemnification Pegasus Press, its owner, staff and assigns, from any claim or action resulting from any work or information published on this site or elsewhere, or any action or omission, whether this work, information, action or omission was published or performed knowingly or unknowingly at any time by themselves or by Pegasus Press.