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About Pegasus Press

Our Mission

Pegasus Press’s mission is to assist digital creatives to market their works on the global Internet to receive recognition and financial benefit for the many hours they laboured to realise their creative visions.

Are you a digital creative?

Personal computers have been around for some time. They’ve become less expensive and much more powerful, and the software that makes them useful has improved tremendously. Computers are now a central part of everyday life, from the desktop computers at our office or at home, to the smart ’phones and tablets we use while moving around.

The digital revolution has empowered many people to express their creative talents in many ways, through art… illustration… writing… music… audio… video… photography… and other media. It has opened possibilities for new forms of creative expression that did not exist before.

The move to digital hasn’t stopped talented artists from using traditional tools and media to create works of art that later can be digitised and transmitted over the Internet – the vital ‘global glue’ that connects all our works together and enables us to communicate.

Pegasus Press is one such digital creation. We’ve been using personal computers since 1977, when Apple created its epoch-making Apple II. Pegasus Press is our digital creation, but we acknowledge that it’s built on the work of the many digital visionaries and programmers who created the digital revolution.

If you are a digital creative, we invite you to market your work through us. Together, we can create a more interesting and beautiful world. What else is more worth combining our creative talents towards?

Our offer to you

First, we want you to know right away that:

We do not ask for exclusive rights to your work.

You are free to publish your creation anywhere, even to sell physical copies directly to people or through other publishers. If the other publisher permits, you also can sell through Pegasus Press a work of yours that has been published elsewhere.

We do, however, ask that you guarantee that you hold the rights to this work and have not sold any rights to another publisher. If you have previously sold any rights—global, restricted, exclusive, or area-specific—we ask that you inform us at the outset.

We also request that you do not sell exclusive rights to any other publisher or marketing agency through which we are already selling or planning to sell our version, to avoid a conflict of interest between us.

Pegasus Press will retain the rights only to those works marked with our copyright—the ones bearing our imprint and copyright information that we produce and publish from your original work.

You can work with other publishers to produce other variations of your work for which these other publishers will claim some or all rights. What rights you sell is up to you, but the same exclusive rights cannot be sold to two publishers at the same time.

What we will do

If you choose to publish your work through Pegasus Press and we agree to publish it, we will:

  • Convert your text-based publication into a high-quality, standards-compliant, reflowable eBook[1] in ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats, or use an eBook or PDF you provide;

  • Convert your illustrated publication into a high-quality, standards-compliant, fixed-layout eBook in ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats[1]; or use a fixed-layout eBook or PDF you provide;

  • Provide a standard cover for use in the eBook, on our Web site, and in promotional material; commission an Illustrator to design a custom cover for you[1]; or use royalty-free images or a completed book cover you supply;

  • Display the finished converted work for sale on the Pegasus Press Web site with sample pages and information about the work and about yourself. We will own the converted work itself;

  • Publish your eBooks on major digital bookstores throughout the world including Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon’s Kindle Store, the Kobo Bookstore, and many others;

  • Advise you on how you can promote your works on the Internet. We will promote Pegasus Press itself and will feature specific works from time to time, but we expect you to maximize your sales by independently promoting your works.

  • Share with you the revenues from all sales on our website, and on other digital bookstores.

  1. Charges apply. ↩

What you must do

First of all, you must own the rights to the work. This is extremely important. If you have sold any rights, you must inform us of this at the outset.

Your manuscript must be thoroughly proofread. We don’t want to have to correct simple spelling or other misteaks after production has started. Have someone proofread the text before we begin.

Make a proposal to us that describes your project,including the digital format it is in and whether it is finished or still in progress. Fill in and submit our publishing proposal form, or save it to your computer and print it, fill it out by hand, and mail it to us.

If we agree to your proposal, we will send you a Publishing Agreement, which you must sign and return to us by email, postal mail, or courier. Then you must:

  • Send us the body of your work in any of the following file formats:
    • A word processor file:
      • Plain text (.txt)
      • Rich text (.rtf)
      • Microsoft Word (.doc .docx)
      • Apple Pages (.pages)
      • OpenDocument (.odt)
      • OpenOffice.org XML (.sxw)
    • An Internet file:
      • HTML (.htm .html .xhtml)
      • PDF (.pdf .pdfx)
    • An eBook file:
      • EPUB (.epub)
      • Mobipocket (.prc .mobi)
      • Amazon KF8 (.azw .kf8)
      • iBooks Author (.ibooks)
  • You must also send us a high-quality image for promotional purposes, such as the cover of an eBook or for marketing it or other kinds of work.

Revenue sharing

Pegasus Press will give you 70% of all net sales revenues it receives (gross less applicable taxes) from all sales of your work, including sales of your work by us in other sales agencies. These include online bookstores, web sites, and other publishers.

Sales by other agencies means the net amount (after applicable taxes) Pegasus Press receives from sales of your works bearing the Pegasus Press imprint that we have created.

For example, if the other agency pays us 70% of their revenue for your works, we will pay you 70% of the net amount we receive, i.e. forty-nine percent.

Revenues will be calculated quarterly on the first day of March, June, September, and December for sales of all your works in the previous three months.

Outstanding balances of less than $25 will be rolled forward to the next quarterly calculation and paid when the revenue due to you exceeds $25, or if there has been an unpaid balance in your revenue account for more than three consecutive quarters.

Payment will be by cheque or PayPal, transferred or sent to you within three weeks. Any additional transfer costs will be charged to you.

Replacement or refusal

If any part of a work does not meet our quality or technical requirements, and we both agree that the project should proceed, we will give you ample opportunity to replace the inadequate part. If you cannot do this, we reserve the right to charge you for doing or commissioning this work.

We reserve the right to replace or refuse any image or document not of a quality that we consider acceptable, and if we both decide to proceed, charge you for replacing such image or document.

Any charges described above will be recovered by withholding 10% of net revenues we receive from sales of your work until the total production cost penalty equals the extra production costs incurred.

Finally, we retain the right to refuse any work or to cancel a Publishing Agreement at any time for any reason whatsoever. We hope it never comes to this and will do our best to make things work. But hey! Nobody’s perfect and it may be better for us all.

Ouch! We really didn’t want to have to write that!

Technical details

Covers (Marketing images) must:

  • Be JPEGs approximately 2500 pixels (minimum 1000px) on the longer side and for eBooks only, at least 1400 pixels wide (around 2400px width recommended for best results);
  • Have a width:height ratio of about 1:1.29 (for eBooks). This ratio can vary slightly to allow for different media formats and class of work;
  • The colour space must be RGB; and the cover
  • Must not include the price of the work.

Internal and other images must be high-quality and in any of the following file formats:

  • JPEG (.jpg .jpeg) – preferred format
  • PNG (.png) – transparent background
  • TIFF (.tif .tiff) – original scanned images
  • GIF (.gif) – simple or cartoon images
  • SVG (.svg ) – only for use in HTML5

Internal images must be less than 2Mpx. This restriction does not apply to a Marketing image.