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we put wings on your words

Our offer to you

First, we want you to know right away that:

We do not ask for exclusive rights to your work.

You are free to publish your work in other media, even to produce and sell physical copies directly to people or through other publishers. If the other publisher permits, you also can sell through Pegasus Press a work of yours that has been published elsewhere.

We do, however, ask that you guarantee that you hold the rights to your work and have not sold any rights to another publisher. If you have previously sold any rights—global, restricted, exclusive, or area-specific—we ask that you inform us at the outset.

We also request that you do not sell any rights to any other publisher or marketing agency through which we are already selling or planning to sell our version, to avoid a conflict of interest between us.

Pegasus Press will retain the rights only to those works marked with our copyright—the ones bearing our imprint and copyright information that we produce and publish from your original work.

You can work with other publishers to produce other variations of your work for which these other publishers will claim some or all rights. What rights you sell is up to you, but the same exclusive rights cannot be sold to two publishers at the same time.