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Are you a digital creative?

Personal computers have been around for some time. They’ve become less expensive and much more powerful, and the software that makes them useful has improved tremendously. Computers are now a central part of everyday life, from the desktop computers at our office or at home, to the smart ’phones and tablets we use while moving around.

The digital revolution has empowered many people to express their creative talents in many ways, through art… illustration… writing… music… audio… video… photography… and other media. It has opened possibilities for new forms of creative expression that did not exist before.

The move to digital hasn’t stopped talented artists from using traditional tools and media to create works of art that later can be digitised and transmitted over the Internet – the vital ‘global glue’ that connects together our digital creations.

Pegasus Press is one such digital creation. We’ve been using personal computers since 1977, when Apple created its epoch-making Apple II. Pegasus Press is our digital creation, and we acknowledge that it’s built on the work of the many digital visionaries and programmers who created the digital revolution.

Our mission is to assist creative people prepare and sell their work on the Internet to receive recognition and financial reward for the hours they spent realising their creative vision.

If you are a digital creative, we invite you to market your work through us. Together, we can create an even more interesting and perhaps more compassionate world. What else is more worth combining our creative talents towards?