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Message To Home

Five-part score
Composer: Mark Reed
ISBN 978-0-9919330-8-2
Publication date: Spring 2013

While we have put a probe on Mars to gather information and transmit it back to us, here on Earth an alien probe quietly has been gathering information about us. It is now preparing to transmit data back to its home planet.

Message To Home is the probe’s first transmission. Its message is that this planet is a beautiful, wild, and wonderful place, but an intelligent, self-aware disease is destroying it.

To provide humanity with the benefit of its detached and, hopefully, objective observation, the probe is programmed to deliver its information to a human being, who can pass on its vital message to others.

Mark Reed is the chosen human being and Message To Home is a thoughtful, sophisticated, and haunting musical interpretation of the alien probe’s message to its kind, and to all humanity.

Message To Home is available in two versions:

Five-part score
piano, violin, and violoncello, and soprano and tenor voices
Solo piano & voice
piano and one voice

Mark Reed, composer

Mark Reed, composerBorn in 1953 in Victoria Canada, Mark Reed cites Bach, his father’s boogie-woogie piano playing, and The Beatles as his main musical influences. He wrote his first composition at age five, when he started taking classical piano lessons from his grandmother. He took violin at an early age, playing in a youth string quartet and orchestra, and sang Gregorian Chant in a church choir.

After moving to Vancouver in the mid-1970s, Mark played violin and sang in a folk/rock group before focusing on piano/keyboards. In 1984, he formed and led the alt-rock group Jonnē Krōm (Johnny Chrome), playing fully-developed versions of their own songs, many of which featured male and female singers in three- and four-part harmonies. The group later changed its name to The Fault before disbanding in 1990.

Mark continued to compose instrumentals and songs and perform and record in a wide range of projects and situations: musical theatre, The Fringe Festival, improv-comedy, dance, film, children’s music, special events, rock groups, and bars and lounges.

He returned to his classical music roots in 2009 by embarking on arranging his compositions for performance by piano-based string groups. Late in 2012, he debuted two of these compositions in a concert performance in Victoria with a piano-quintet arrangement.

Mark Reed is Secretary-Treasurer of the Vancouver Island Local (247) of the Canadian Federation of Musicians. He holds two industrial patents and an MA degree in Sociology.