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Dance With The Angels

Author: Marion Lovelace
Publication date: March 2014
ISBN 978-1-927779-02-6

Seven years, and finally he had found her. He knew every curve of her body. From inside the bar he watches Jasmine spin and shimmy to the throb of the music. Her blue skirt swirls like water around her. He touches the cold silver of the bracelet in his pocket, Carla’s bracelet. After the dance he will give it to her, she will wear it and she will dance for him, just for him….

Musician and belly dancer Diana Taylor performs several times a week at a friend’s Kitsilano restaurant. One night her bewitching dancing attracts the attention of a psychopath who is searching for Carla -- the woman he loves, lost, and now hates, and who still controls his twisted world. Jasmine becomes his latest Carla, and like all of the others, he wants to possess her, making her a shrine to her memory in a grotesque and deadly ritual.

Diana's death opens a Pandora’s Box of unsolved crimes: other women, many of them dancers, who have died in suspicious circumstances. Can the Vancouver Vice Squad find the serial killer before he kills again?

About the Author

Marion Lovelace, author

Marion Lovelace has lived in three different provinces of Canada. She now resides in a small community near Vancouver on the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast. She has a graduate degree in English and French; experience as a teacher and interior decorator; and is now a full-time writer. She has published short stories, won an award for her poetry, and has a consuming passion for music and every kind of dance. Dance With the Angels is her first full-length novel.


  • crime fiction