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The Compassionate One

Author: Bobbie Webb
Publication date: Spring 2013
ISBN 978-0-9691159-9-1

In looking back over a span of thirty years, Bobbie Webb realized that her soul had been speaking directly to her through her poems, urging her to discover and experience love, passion, hope, healing, survival and forgiveness.

Bobbie’s most private writings offer the reader an intimate glimpse into despair, grief, and times of dark desperation and sorrow, sharing her struggle with survival in a profound and primal expression—exquisite and compelling to feel the raw honesty of her journey.

The reader however, is not left in despair as Bobbie begins to expose the layers of sorrow that muffled the sound of her soul. In her passage to a more conscious healing, Bobbie’s poetry becomes introspective and forgiving, with a sense of understanding that her life’s expedition has brought her to a place where she no longer fears to hope and dream.

For anyone who has ever had a moment of struggle with life—especially youth who dare not reveal their burden—Bobbie opens her heart and soul through her poetry. The voice of one’s soul—The Compassionate One— touches each of us on a heart level…a soul level.

BOBBIE WEBB lives in Victoria B.C. with her son Dante and her two cats Georgia and Sublime.


  • love
  • personal growth
  • spirituality