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On any Help page, the up link takes you to the top level of any Help topic. We strongly recommend that you read through all the Help pages before purchasing an eBook or other product on the Pegasus Press web site.

How to use this site

Anywhere on the Pegasus Press site, your mouse pointer will turn into a pointing hand when it passes over a clickable link.

You can navigate the Help pages using the links in the left column.

The front page

The clickable areas on the front page are shown outlined in red. You can return to the front page at any time by clicking the pegasus press logo image on any page.

The Menu Bar

The Menu bar contains clickable menus that turn to their opposite colour when you hover the mouse pointer over them. The  purple menus  on the left take you to collection pages for the different types of publication. The white menus on the right link to information pages, including our News pages and Contact Us  form.

The Book Covers

Clicking on any book cover will take you to its product page, which contains detailed information about each publication. You can add any publication to your shopping cart through the links on its product page.

The product page

Each publication has a product page with images of its cover and sample pages; a description of the publication or artwork; the topics covered by the publication; and sometimes a brief bio of the author or product creator.

  • Click on a page thumbnail to replace the main image.
  • Hover over the main image to zoom closer for inspection.

You can choose a product using the selection area at the top right of the product page.

You also can return to this page from the shopping cart window.

Your profile page

User Name

After you have registered an account on the site (which you must do before you can purchase anything), you will have a Profile page for your use only. No other users will be able to see your profile information.

[User Name] will be the replaced by one you have used to register your account. Please remember it as you need it to log in to your account.

Depending on the site settings, you may or may not be able to change your user name. It is used to identify you on the site.

Profile details

Beneath the greeting headline, a row of menu links allow you to fill in the details of your account. These links, which may change from time to time, are initially:

  • My account
  • Address Book
  • Update email/password
  • Files
  • Order history

How to purchase a product

A four-step process allows you to purchase downloadable eBooks and other products on this site.

The purchasing topic pages on the left explain this process in detail.

Choosing your product

Publication details

The price of each publication or product, its actual or projected publication date, stock number, and availability are shown at the top of the product page.

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a publication’s unique identifier. Booksellers can search for any book through its ISBN.

Choose a format

Click the downward-pointing arrow to select a format for your publication. A list of available formats will appear: click on one to select it.

Most e-readers can display several formats, the main ones being EPUB (iPhone, iPad, and most other readers), Kindle (Amazon only) and PDF (a non-flowable format). The ISBN will change with your selection.

Enter quantity

Most likely, you will want just one digital edition for your own use. We do not apply a Digital Rights Management (DRM) lock to our publications, as this would prevent you from reading your book on multiple devices.

We use the honour system. If you intend to distribute copies, please purchase the quantity you will need. You can adjust this number later in the purchase process. Please do not share your copy with others.

Add to cart

When you are satisfied with your selections, click the blue  Add to cart  button. An Item successfully added to your cart window will appear.

Item added window

The Item added to your cart window lists the Title, ISBN/Stock Number and other details of your chosen item(s). At the top of the page, the  Checkout  pane will update to show the total cost of your current selections.

You can use the  Go to checkout  or  Continue shopping  buttons here.

Go to checkout

If you chose  Go to checkout  you will move on to the next stage of the process, where you can inspect your Shopping Cart. Don’t worry! You have not yet finalised your purchase and can change your selection later.

Continue shopping

If you choose  Continue shopping  your selected items will remain in your cart. The window will close and you can carry on browsing the site.

Shopping Cart window

Your current shopping cart is now displayed. You can change the quantity by selecting and typing in a new number in any quantity box, or remove an item entirely by clicking the remove link for any item.

View product

Clicking the View product link will take you to that item’s product page.

Update cart

Click the Update cart link at the bottom of the window to apply your changes to the Order total.

On to Checkout

The blue  Checkout  button will take you on to the next stage of the process.

The Checkout window

The Checkout window shows the contents of your shopping cart.

Progress indicator

The large blue  Checkout arrow  at the top of the page show where you are in the four-step checkout process. You can see at a glance the state of your order, so you can catch any mistakes as you proceed.

What’s in your cart

The price and quantity of each publication or product, a line cost, and the total cost (including taxes) appears in the Shopping Cart Contents section.

Billing information

Please fill in all the information marked with a * red star. You only have to do this once for each address you use. The system will remember all your addresses once you have entered them.

The Addresses on File drop-down menu enables you quickly to select a previously-entered address. Click on the Choose box to select one.

Shipping information

If you have not already entered a separate Shipping Address, to save entering the same address twice, you can click the Shipping Address is same as Billing Address check box.

If you have already entered one or more Shipping addresses, select one from the drop-down menu.

Continue to next step

You can  Continue to next step  to proceed, or click the Cancel link to return to the  Shopping Cart window  to adjust your order.

Shipping information

There is no charge for downloading a digital product from Pegasus Press.

If you have purchased a physical product, the author or artist will package and sent the item(s) to you. He or she will have already been informed of your purchase and will contact you to arrange shipping. Because of this, the Shipping page may not appear in your purchasing window flow.

You can  Continue to next step  to proceed, or click the Go back link to return to the Checkout window to adjust your order details.

Review your order

The Review Order window shows your complete order with details of your billing and shipping addresses. Please check these details carefully, as the next step concerns payment.

The image shown here omits these details, showing only the top and bottom of this information.


Payment options are available at the bottom of the Review Order window. The Paypal service is shown here. Other payment options may be available.

Click the radio button to select a payment gateway, then click the  Continue to next step 

Or, click the Go back link to return to the Shipping page, and again to return to the Checkout page, where you can change the addresses or your order.

Checkout complete

You are now at the end of the checkout process. However, please note that payment must be confirmed by the payment gateway before your order can be processed.

You will receive an email when this happens, at which time you will be given access to the downloadable files you have just purchased.

The email will include a direct link to your downloadable purchase(s), which will be available to you for download at any time in the Files section of your Profile page.

View your order

You can click the link to View your order, or the Return to the front page link to leave the checkout process.

You can review your orders at any time in the Order history section of your Profile page.

Where are my purchased files?

Digital files you have purchased will become available once your payment has been received on our site. The link your digital purchases is in the Files section of your Profile page.

Click Profile in the white menu bar at the top of any page to go directly to your Profile page. Then click Files in the row(s) of links.

Your files download page will look like the screen shot on the left.

Click the blue Download link to transfer a file to your computer or mobile device.

You can download your purchased files at any time. They will remain accessible for as long as you have this account on the Pegasus Press site. You must be logged in to access your files.

Are you a digital creative?

Personal computers have been around for some time. They’ve become less expensive and much more powerful, and the software that makes them useful has improved tremendously. Computers are now a central part of everyday life, from the desktop computers at our office or at home, to the smart ’phones and tablets we use while moving around.

The digital revolution has empowered many people to express their creative talents in many ways, through art… illustration… writing… music… audio… video… photography… and other media. It has opened possibilities for new forms of creative expression that did not exist before.

The move to digital hasn’t stopped talented artists from using traditional tools and media to create works of art that later can be digitised and transmitted over the Internet – the vital ‘global glue’ that connects together our digital creations.

Pegasus Press is one such digital creation. We’ve been using personal computers since 1977, when Apple created its epoch-making Apple II. Pegasus Press is our digital creation, and we acknowledge that it’s built on the work of the many digital visionaries and programmers who created the digital revolution.

Our mission is to assist creative people prepare and sell their work on the Internet to receive recognition and financial reward for the hours they spent realising their creative vision.

If you are a digital creative, we invite you to market your work through us. Together, we can create an even more interesting and perhaps more compassionate world. What else is more worth combining our creative talents towards?

Our offer to you

First, we want you to know right away that:

We do not ask for exclusive rights to your work.

You are free to publish your work in other media, even to produce and sell physical copies directly to people or through other publishers. If the other publisher permits, you also can sell through Pegasus Press a work of yours that has been published elsewhere.

We do, however, ask that you guarantee that you hold the rights to your work and have not sold any rights to another publisher. If you have previously sold any rights—global, restricted, exclusive, or area-specific—we ask that you inform us at the outset.

We also request that you do not sell any rights to any other publisher or marketing agency through which we are already selling or planning to sell our version, to avoid a conflict of interest between us.

Pegasus Press will retain the rights only to those works marked with our copyright—the ones bearing our imprint and copyright information that we produce and publish from your original work.

You can work with other publishers to produce other variations of your work for which these other publishers will claim some or all rights. What rights you sell is up to you, but the same exclusive rights cannot be sold to two publishers at the same time.

What we will do

If you choose to publish your work through Pegasus Press and we agree to publish it, we will:

  • Convert your text-based publication into a high-quality, standards-compliant, reflowable eBook[1] in ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats, or use an eBook or PDF you provide;

  • Convert your illustrated publication into a high-quality, standards-compliant, fixed-layout eBook in ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats[1]; or use a fixed-layout eBook or PDF you provide;

  • Provide a standard cover for use in the eBook, on our Web site, and in promotional material; commission an Illustrator to design a custom cover for you[1]; or use royalty-free images or a completed book cover you supply;

  • Display the finished converted work for sale on the Pegasus Press Web site with sample pages and information about the work and about yourself. We will own the converted work itself;

  • Publish your eBooks on major digital bookstores throughout the world including Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon’s Kindle Store, the Kobo Bookstore, and many others;

  • Advise you on how you can promote your works on the Internet. We will promote Pegasus Press itself and will feature specific works from time to time, but we expect you to maximize your sales by independently promoting your works.

  • Share with you the revenues from all sales on our website, and on other digital bookstores.

  1. Charges apply. ↩

What you must do

First of all, you must own the rights to the work. This is extremely important. If you have sold any rights, please inform us of this at the outset.

Your manuscript must be thoroughly proofread. We don’t want to have to correct simple spelling or other misteaks after production has started. Have someone proofread the text before we begin.

Make a proposal to us that describes your work, including the digital format it is in and whether it is finished or still in progress. For your convenience, you can fill in and submit our online publishing proposal form, or save it to your computer and print it, fill it out by hand, and mail it back to us.

If we agree to your proposal we will send you a Publishing Agreement, which you must sign and return to us.

Then you can send us the body of your work in any of the following file formats:

  • A word processor file:
    • Plain text (.txt)
    • Rich text (.rtf)
    • Microsoft Word (.doc .docx)
    • Apple Pages (.pages)
    • OpenDocument (.odt)
    • XML (.sxw)
  • An Internet file:
    • HTML (.htm .html .xhtml)
    • PDF (.pdf .pdfx)
  • An eBook file:
    • EPUB (.epub)
    • Mobipocket (.prc .mobi)
    • Amazon KF8 (.azw .kf8)
    • iBooks Author (.ibooks)
  • You must also send us a high-quality image for promotional purposes, such as the cover of an eBook or for marketing it or other kinds of work.
  • Revenue sharing

    Pegasus Press will give you 70% of all net sales revenues it receives (gross less applicable taxes) from all sales of your work, including sales of your work by us in other sales agencies. These include online bookstores, web sites, and other publishers.

    Sales by other agencies means the net amount (after applicable taxes) Pegasus Press receives from sales of your works bearing the Pegasus Press imprint that we have created.

    For example, if the other agency pays us 70% of their revenue for your works, we will pay you 70% of the net amount we receive, i.e. forty-nine percent.

    Revenues will be calculated quarterly on the first day of March, June, September, and December for sales of all your works in the previous three months.

    Outstanding balances of less than $25 will be rolled forward to the next quarterly calculation and paid when the revenue due to you exceeds $25, or if there has been an unpaid balance in your revenue account for more than three consecutive quarters.

    Payment will be by cheque or PayPal, transferred or sent to you within three weeks. Any additional transfer costs will be charged to you.

    Image requirements

    Covers (Marketing Images) must:

    • Be JPEGs approximately 2500 pixels (minimum 1000px) on the longer side and for eBooks only, at least 1400 pixels wide (around 2400px width recommended for best results);
    • Have a width:height ratio of about 1:1.29 (for eBooks). This ratio can vary slightly to allow for different media formats and class of work;
    • The colour space must be RGB; and the cover
    • Must not include the price of the work.

    Internal and other images must be high-quality and in any of the following file formats:

    • JPEG (.jpg .jpeg) – preferred format
    • PNG (.png) – transparent background
    • TIFF (.tif .tiff) – original scanned images
    • GIF (.gif) – simple or cartoon images
    • SVG (.svg ) – only for use in HTML5

    Internal images must be less than 2Mpx. This restriction does not apply to a Marketing image.

    Terms of Service

    Use of the Pegasus Press web site and services is governed by the following terms of service:

    User accounts

    You can browse this site without having to register a user account but you will need to have one before you can purchase a product or receive special offers.

    Ordinary and special user account holders can leave comments, respond to comments, take part in forums and discussion groups, and receive special discounts and offers where these are available.

    You must keep your user account in good order, including prompt payment for purchased goods or services; keeping your account information accurate and up-to-date; and behaving respectfully towards our staff and other users during all your use of the site.

    Creator accounts

    You can publish any of your works with us if your user account is in good order and you own the rights to the work. (See Our Offer To You and the following pages for more information about publishing with us.)

    Start this process by making a proposal to us that describes your work, including the digital format it is in and whether it is finished or still in progress. For your convenience, you can fill in and submit our publishing proposal form, or save it to your computer and print, fill it in by hand, and mail it to us.

    If we agree to your proposal we will send you a Publishing Agreement, which you must sign and return to us.

    Upon receipt of a signed Publishing Agreement we will upgrade you to a Creator account, which will give you more privileges on the site. These will enable you to work with us to produce and publish your work.

    Creators will have an upgraded profile page on which you can upload a suitable portrait picture of yourself; post a not too-extensive biography; and include links to your email address and web site.

    Creators then will have a landing page on the site with your picture and biography together with a linked listing of all your works published with us. You can use this page to promote your works on the Internet.

    Business and non-profit accounts

    Businesses and non-profit organisations can set up a non-personal account in the name of their business or organisation provided only one account is set up and a contact person is designated to represent the business or non-profit organisation in all matters.

    A businesses and non-profit organisation can publish with us provided it owns the rights to the works; has a non-personal account in good order; and has signed a Publishing Agreement with us.

    Businesses and non-profit accounts with a signed Publishing Agreement will be treated as a Creator account. Those without a Publishing Agreement will have only the same privileges as a User account.

    Save from Indemnification

    All registered users of this site agree to save harmless from indemnification Pegasus Press, its owner, staff and assigns, from any claim or action resulting from any work or information published on this site or elsewhere, or any action or omission, whether this work, information, action or omission was published or performed knowingly or unknowingly at any time by themselves or by Pegasus Press.

    Privacy policy

    We ask all visitors and require all purchasers to set up a user account on our site. This requires at its most basic, only a user name and valid email address.

    We will keep this information private and will not share or sell it to anyone without your explicit written permission.

    We do not keep any financial information about you on our site, so we have no knowledge about your credit card numbers, bank accounts, or your credit rating.

    All payments are handled by the payment gateway you use, which initially is PayPal. Other gateways may be added as they become available, or on request. We are not responsible for the actions of these agencies.

    The only information we may keep about you is your name, account name, email address, billing and shipping addresses and purchase history with us, plus any additional information you may add to your profile.

    We may use this information to communicate with you
    from time to time about your account; about new products or features on our site; or to offer special discounts or additional services we may offer you.

    We will not send any information you do not want and will comply with your request if you ask us not to send you information not essential to maintaining your account with us or about payment for your purchases.

    We may change this privacy policy from time to time and will inform all existing user account holders of such changes, which is why we ask that you keep all your user account information accurate and up-to-date.

    Shipping & delivery

    We do not charge transmission fees for digital works, in contrast to the high fees charged by some major online bookstores, which can wipe out royalty returns.

    We allow some producers to sell physical products through our site. These products will be shipped by the producer, who may charge you a shipping fee.

    We pass on your name, shipping, and email address to the producer once payment for a physical product has been confirmed. The producer then will contact you about alternative shipping methods and costs.

    We pay the producer when we receive confirmation that your purchase has been shipped. This guarantees that your physical product is on its way. We will remit your purchase price should your product not ship before six weeks from purchase.

    Pegasus Press is not responsible for damage or non-delivery of physical products. Compensation claims must be negotiated between yourself, the producer, and the insurer, delivery courier, or freight forwarding corporation.